Irene is a member of Futures in the Making run by Spread the Word. She has been creating stories since she could hold a sentence and is interested in realistic fantasy and historical adaptation. 

Founder of Ink17, where new writing is read out-loud by professional actors.

Frequently, she is to be found at the Galley Club and Strange Tales.


The X Garage

TV series. Drama. Adaptation.

"Butch, suited and newly-divorced Joe Carstairs and her post-war women build a driving empire that takes 1920's London on one heck of a ride."


Radio Series. Fantasy Drama. Original.

"What would you do if a ghost asks for your help? Constance Meadows doesn't know either but she must find out or there is no hope of returning to her nice, neat, ordinary life."

Literary Fiction

The Shadow of a Flame

Book 1 of a Trilogy. YA Fantasy. Novel. Original.

"Magic exists but not for long. Frances and Kemi are taken to the centre of its collapse. Where that power will end up is in their hands. But they are just two human girls with little knowledge, little power and little choice. Can they prevent the unknown from destroying this world they have only just discovered?

Flowers by Moonlight

Historical Fiction. WW2. Novel. Original.

This town is cloaked in industry and now one more job has arrived: the industry of war. Set in a 1940'd northern town, we follow four women forced to keep calm and carry on as the world around them swirls in the chaos of conflict.

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